Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello everyone!

I need to make a schedule for things I have to do these two weeks. I got like soo much stuff to do so lets start:

30 september a History essay/oral presentation (wich is tomorrow)

1 october PARTY (saturday)

3 october oral presentation in PC and photosession (will be a very busy day)

4 october send in the english essay of a short story

6 october OP test in PC and be done with the swedish presentation

7 october maths test (because I failed it the first time..)


I might be off for these weeks but you will know why, wish me luck with everything! :(


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here is finally the pictures of JEDWARD!

Hello everyone again!

Here is finally the pictures and the videos of JEDWARD!

Click on the pictures to see them better, it is not the best quality so if you want to see them better click instead.

Here are the videos :

 I know that I have been so slow with this (I am always lazy..) but I finally did upload them, enjoy sweetheart!


Hello everyone!
Wanted to show you these picture I have made. Love this show, so I made a fan photo. I used the pictures of chris (the guy with the the fur hat) and turned them into black and white. And I also made the hat colour stand out. The picture in the middle is also fixed, but I just changed the light and the brightness to the picture. Here it is :
 (Klick on the photo to se it better)

I also love this song with stanley and cadie (them in the middle of the picture), saw this song in the finale episode of skins and it was soo good and beatiful because it was pretty emotionell if you have seen the whole show. Well, here it is, their own cover of the song shout:


So, what do you guys think about the song, is it good or not? And the picture, was it nice?

.products that I use

Well, these are the things that I use. I ordered some things from, I always order my make up, body lotions and beauty stuff from that page. Number 1, 2, 6, 7 and 3 is from yves rocher.

Lets start :

1. It is a foundation from YR, it stays up to 14h and I got the beige color, they have a lots of chades close to your own skincolor so it is good if you are in a hunt for one real good foundation.

2. It is a mascara from YR. It is not waterproof because I dont want to have it but you can choose if you like to have it or not. It is kinda good, not the best one that I had but it works. It got a round plastic brush, wich is good for those who want it.

3. It is schampo for brown hair. I tried it so it is good. The bad thing with YR they didnt have any conditioner for brown hair so I have to buy one in the store soon.

4. This product guardian angel is really great for those who flat iron their hair and need to have something to protect it!
This product can protect your hair from heat up to 220 degrees. It is like soo good, I bought my second bottle and it last pretty long.

5. I use this black eyeshadow from Face Stockholm. It was expensive but it was so worth it. I use this one almost all the time and I bought it for over a year ago and I got almost the whole thing left!

6. This is an eyeliner from YR. It lasts up to 12 h and it is good and easy to apply. Most eyeliners are hard to get a straight line with but this one is so easy, it is like a pencil almost, I recommend it to everyone that wants a long lasting eyeliner.

7. Last but not least, this is a self taner from YR. Most products like this are not so good but this one really was good. It smells good, it gives a nice tan and it got this shimmering look and it smells awesome. It looks natural but the bad thing is it feels really sticky when you got it on your skin.. But is doesn't stick to your close so much, if you wash your clothes it disappears and it is easy to wash it off.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hello everyone!

Sorry for I didn't update for soo long. But I have had so much going on these days and I didn't have any access to my computer and I wanted to update with the pictures and videoclips of jedward that I took when I saw them but everytime I come home I am like soo tired and it is always to late so I fell into sleep so early..

I will try to better myself on this!

Btw, I am going to have a photosession with my best friend Sandra. I am going to take a lot of great pictures and I will make a good header for my blog, I just need someone to take pictures of me with a good camera so I am looking forward to it!
(Dont know exactly when but it will be soon I think...)

I will upload the pictures and videos as soon as I can!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogawards tomorrow

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is it blogawards in Kista galleria. It is a event here i Stockholm were the biggest bloggers have catwalks, shows and famous artists will performe on stage like Jedward, Mohombi, mange makers and many more.

It is a event for famous swedish bloggers and who gets the award for diffirent catagories. It is free and everybody kan go to it so it will be so fun!

I am going there with my best friend natta<3

I am so excited to see Jedward, I LOVE THEM!

 jedward <3
 Mange makers !
 Mohombi <3

me and my best friend natta, love u <3

More pictures will come up tomorrow and maybe videos, then u get to see Jedward, and it will be ME that is taking the pictures!!! <3


Thursday, September 15, 2011

new link and new piercing!

Hello everybody!

I made a new piercing yesterday, it is a bit swollen and it kinda hurts but it will heal good and about 4 days the swollen part will lay down and turn into normal. Here is a picture I took with my cam in school.

That is how my overlip piercing looks like with my snakebites, do you think it looks good YES/NO?

BTW, I have created a new link that is called beauty, it will be about make up, bodycare, products that I use etc.

More about that will be coming soon,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

an update before I get to bed

Well hello everybody again!

Right now I have just brushed my teeth and washed my face (I love this fresh feeling).
When I came home after being in school I actually thought of taking my snakebites (it the ring in my lips) out, I talked about it today with my friends in school but they didn't want me to do that but I have had this feeling for a long time that I wanna take them out but everytime I try to do that I kind of get freaked out because I HATE making decisions like that and then I am thinking to my self when I am in that sort of situation "well, I maybe should keep them after all.." and thats what happend to me today!

When I finally took out my rings I found my other lip piercings and it ended with just changing it into rods! (don't really know what it's called in english).

Anyways, I decided that I want to make a new piercing instead on my overlip right now!!!
(I might keep my snakebites, if it looks good)

I wonder how that would go because I am like soo scared of needles, its funny though because I have pierced my friends and I have piercing tools (boiling them right now, hehe) but I am scared as hell when it comes to pierce myself!

Well, wish me luck! *scared Jawa* :´(



Well hello there!

Yesterday the oral presentation (lol) in english and it went well. Today I had a long sleep this morning so I feel like I have finally had a good night sleep and not always so tired at the mornings because I start school so early everyday, so it felt nice that I began later today than what I usaully do.

Right now I am having an english lesson and after that I have maths (hate it so much), but after that I am finished, then I quit the school of the day (YAY)

I love wednesdays
! <3


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sorry for being so lazy with the update. I really didnt have any intresting to write about and not really now soo.. I will think about something funny or good that happend to me yesterday..

Well, right now I am in school, having a swedish lesson but the thing is that I haven't done ANYTHING AT ALL!

The essay is supposed to be done next week and I will have a oral presentation (lol) and I really really like haven't done anything yet.

Alright, about my day yesterday!
Yesterday.. I didn't do anything specific.. Juste went to school, hanging out with my friends and then I went home and relaxed.. I was soo tired yesterday, I talked with my best friend on the phone before I fell into sleep, lol.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

my day yesterday

well hello everyone!
I was in the city today and first I met my friends and one of them came to Stockholm for a visit. He was here for the weekend so we all three dinned together and then  after that we took the subway from skärkolmen to Stockholm. It is located like 40-30 away from skärholmen.

When we came to the big city we went for a walk to gamla stan (wich means old town in english) and we came across this really beatiful place there that you became so calm after al the stress from the people running on the streets kind of.

After that we went to the coffee place and took a cup of coffee and chat a little bit. Then at last we came across this huge buildning wich it was the old parlament house. Took some pictures, there u go:

My best friend and my friend that came to Stockholm (he is the one with the hoodie). :)

Now I am about to watch JERSEY SHORE SOON!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

my blog in english?

I was thinking that I was going to start to write in english!

Beacause I want everybody to read my blog, I want to share my days with everyone that is interested to read about me :)!

I was also thinking to write both in english and swedish so it will make it easy for some :)!


Monday, September 5, 2011


Har typ totalt glömt bort bloggen. Haha. Mycket har hänt bara, har inte haft riktigt tid att skriva och att jag måste FORTFARANDE skaffa en ny header till min blogg men har inte hunnit fota eller något... Just nu är jag så jävla trött på alla skitstövlar till kille där ute. Blir så förbannad, jag förtjänar något så mycket bättre än dom jag har varit med, det vet jag.. Men ändå så är det alltid douchebags som lyckas bättre än jag och det känns asså... Aja, skiter i sånt just nu och är helt inne på vänner och att sköta skolan, det är det jag har fokusen på nu.. Men puss, hörs sen.