Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogawards tomorrow

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is it blogawards in Kista galleria. It is a event here i Stockholm were the biggest bloggers have catwalks, shows and famous artists will performe on stage like Jedward, Mohombi, mange makers and many more.

It is a event for famous swedish bloggers and who gets the award for diffirent catagories. It is free and everybody kan go to it so it will be so fun!

I am going there with my best friend natta<3

I am so excited to see Jedward, I LOVE THEM!

 jedward <3
 Mange makers !
 Mohombi <3

me and my best friend natta, love u <3

More pictures will come up tomorrow and maybe videos, then u get to see Jedward, and it will be ME that is taking the pictures!!! <3


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  1. Yeaa yea!!fet cool. Önskar att jag bor i stockholm just nu. Jag har träffat mohammi en gång innan han typ slog genom på riktigt och att han har min autograf :D