Sunday, September 11, 2011

my day yesterday

well hello everyone!
I was in the city today and first I met my friends and one of them came to Stockholm for a visit. He was here for the weekend so we all three dinned together and then  after that we took the subway from skärkolmen to Stockholm. It is located like 40-30 away from skärholmen.

When we came to the big city we went for a walk to gamla stan (wich means old town in english) and we came across this really beatiful place there that you became so calm after al the stress from the people running on the streets kind of.

After that we went to the coffee place and took a cup of coffee and chat a little bit. Then at last we came across this huge buildning wich it was the old parlament house. Took some pictures, there u go:

My best friend and my friend that came to Stockholm (he is the one with the hoodie). :)

Now I am about to watch JERSEY SHORE SOON!!!


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