Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello everyone!

I am in Örebro now, I got here about 3 days ago. At first when me and Natta arrived we didn't do anything so much. Yesterday we walked around here in the city and it is so beatiful here, love this place. We drank wine and we got pretty drunk at first but then when we went back to her boyfriends house thats when the things started to get real bad..

I got so drunk but not in a good way as I usually get, I got the worst drunk ever!
Got so mad and started to scream and get angry. I wanted to jump out of the window many times also.. I went to the toilet and cried my eyes out and I don't know what really happend to me. I got so depressed and upset, feel so guilty over my actions.. My mood got overtaking over the people around me and I feel so sad about it right now when I think about it.

It feels like everything is going wrong, wrong and wrong all the time..

Today I just wanted to take it easy after everything that happend the night before. Me, Natta and went to the pizzeria and bought some food. It tasted soo good. After we ate our food we watched American Beta House, love this movie <3 :

Today when I was sitting at the computer I saw this most beatiful model, her name is Felice Fawn, I could actually cut off my left arm just to look like her:

Thats what I call perfection! <3

Btw, I also got angelbites now, wei <3 (pictures will come up soon)


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