Thursday, October 6, 2011

New header!

Well hello everyone!

It was a lnog time ago that I updated my blog and I said that earlier that I will be very busy this week with homework and shool stuff.. But something horrible happend at saturday.. :(

I never went to the party because the same day when I was fixing myself for it my dad got suddenly a heartattack.. So he is in hostpital right now and he is very sick so I havent have time to either study, do the photo session or even being in school.. I have been at home monday and tuesday this week because I was to upset to go to school. Me and my big brother went to the hostpital on sunday but it was so hard to see him lay there all sick with all the machines around him. :(

He is still in hostpital, trying to get better and I hope that he gets healthy again. <3

Anyways, I have made a new header, was so bored so I thought that I would do it just for the loose! :D

Do you guys like it, YES/NO?


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