Friday, November 25, 2011

Late update on stuff I bought

Hello everyone!

Here is some of the stuff I bought and got from before but I never updated it on the blog. Better late than never, right? ;)

Here is the piercings I orded

I also bought 6 piercings, the company pick some random ones

Piercings needles

Buy my piercings from, it is a swedish website, they have some really cheap piercing, so I recommend this page.

Got also some blond extensions, I will use them as highlights with my brown hair, it looks super gorgeus. Got these from Sandra :)

Yesterday I got a make up kit from my mother, used some of the eyeshadows and the lipstick today, it looks here.
Thats about all.

How to repair your extensions

Here is some hairtips for you guys. This is what I did after being at skrillex concert, my extensions fell off and my hair looked like a mess after a hard long night.

1. This is how my hair looked like after I just combed it out. It looks like a hairball that a kitty cat throw up or something.. I just combed it out, so hehe..

2. Use some heatprotection, especially when it comes to extensions. It can't be repaired like real hair, so thats means you have to me extra carefull about them. I use gurdian angel by Got2be. It is soo good, so spray richly through the hair and comb it. Then your extensions will be protected ;)

3. Take your flat iron and use it. Flat your hair extensions throughly, remember that your hair is protected from the heat, but I always have low heat when I flat iron my extensions, because they are made from real human hair, they were expensive and I want to have them for a long time also without distroying them.

4. Then you are done. See, it is good as new, wear them, use them and work it girl! ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fast update

Hello everyone!
Sorry for being so late with the update. I am at school right now and I am blogging here because I don't have any internet at home anymore (sadface) but the internet will be back on friday, or latest next week. The pictures from the skrillex concert would either come up today or tomorrow on the blog. I got my p-stav right now, fixed it on Tuesday and at Monday I went to the concert, so I was pretty fucked in the head and my feet hurted like fuck.

But it was so worth it <3


Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone! <3

I am super tagged in for the concert, here is a teaser for u:

More pictures will come up soon, U JELLY? ;p


Friday, November 18, 2011

Stuff I finally got done with!

Hello everyone!

OK, as the headline says I got some important stuff fixed. I bought my Skrillex ticket in Monday and yesterday I went to the optic and got my eyes checked up because I wanna have eyecontacts and I got the worse eyesight ever. I went to Barkarby and it took like halv hour to find this place, I walked around and asked everyone but nobody there knew where this fucking place was!

But in the end, I found it, they were really nice and this guy was so sweet, he orded lenses from Belgien to me and he would send them to me instead of making me come and get them. I said to him the reason why I wanted to do an eye check-up for contacts was because next week I will go to Skrillex and I really wanted to also SEE him so he gave me another pair (not that good contact as them he orded to me but I could at last see in those pretty good) for free! :D

So he orded lenses from Belgien, gave me a free pair of contacts that I could use for the concert, and I will go back there after I tested my lenses from Belgien for a week to see if they work perfectly on my eyes, for FREE!

Everything just costed me 250 kr, it is NOTHING!
And they were so sweet and kind, I loved that place. ^^

I bought my Skrillex ticket from a girl on Facebook, she sold her ticket to  me for 500 kr, it is like 50 euro. I thought that it was a good price, so I am satisfied. In Wendsday I went youth clinic (ungdomsmottagningen?) because I was going to put in a p-stav in my arm, but I got a new time for next week so I will put it in then, I am scared because it is a HUGE needle that will shot in to my arm, I will have these anasthesia patch on my arm for 2 hours before I will do this approach, but I am still a bit nervous.

Yesterday before I went to the optic I did the national test in swedish and I thought it went pretty well to be honest, haha. Did the test in 40 minutes so it was fast, but I thought it was so easy so it was ok.

Right now is Sandra sitting next to me and struggling with doing her homemade ciggarettes but it doesn't go to well, lol. We practiced yoga before and now we are going to chill out and drink a little bit. ;)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woop woop

Hello everyone

A fast update. Under my wekeend I had a move night with Jennie, Niklas and Apple. We watched Drag me to hell, I hate that movie, I think it is really scary, but the end sucks, everyone thinks that . :(

Anyways, I slept pretty good, thats like never happends to me when I sleep over somewhere new, but I fall asleep really fast, I didn't feel so good so I decided to take a rest but it ended up with falling asleep, lol.

The day after, we just sat in the livingroom and talked, then we came up with this brilliant plan about taking a roadtrip through europe with a mini bus, we started just to talk about how fun it would be and now we are planning to really  DO IT! :D

We even started a blog about it, the link is here:

We haven't start to write anything yet but I will link this to my blog, our common blog is only about the plans, thoughts and goals, nothing personal about our lives in that way like my blog. We want to inspire others also, so it wil be pictures and everything like that soon. ;)

Tomorrow I will put a p-stav (dont actually know what it calls in english, sorry) so I am looking forward to it, instead of taking birthcontroll pills I just have this plastic thing in my arm, good hu'h? :D

This is how I feel right now:


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Plans of the day

Hello everyone!

My plans for the day.. Well, I am still in the bed, I had a hard time to sleep so I fell a sleep really late.. But first, I am going to eat by breakfast (at this point it is dinner, lol) and then I am going to jump in to the shower. After that I might meet Kimberly (not 100% sure but we have to fix some stuff for the skrillex tickets) and then towards the night I am going to met Sandra, Niklas and Jennie. I am not sure what we are going to do but it would be at least chill, instead of sitting home a saturday night ;).


Stuff that I have to get

Ok, here is some stuff that I need to get, like very soon, or else I am going to DIE!

Eyeshadow set from eleven.
Eyeshadow brushes
Go to the optic and get me eyecontacts
Get a pair of new boots before it snows
Get myself one of these, especially a black one, it is so beutiful <3
New piercings for my angelbies, because mine is way to big and I need a smaller one

Thats is all the most importan stuff and need to buy now, hehe..



Hello everyone!

In Tuesday, we went to Laserdoom with the class. This was the second time I have ever been to it, but it was so much fun. Our team lost (sadface) but the important thing was that everyone was enjoying it, specially after that all the work we put up to in school, we freaking deserve this!

After that we went to Mc'donalds, I took the train instead of the subway and changed in Tumba. From 
Tumba I took the bus at home. Here is some pictures from that day, I took these from Sandra's blog

Me and Sandra on the way to Laserdoom
Dont know wtf happend to my face on this picture, I look like freaking Michael Jackson! :'(
Looking very busy, talking in the phone at the same time as I smoke and be on pictures, Like a baws.
Will write a post now about my plans for the day, and some stuff I need to buy, haha.


The truth about why I left

Ok, here is the truth about why I left Örebro. I cannot tell the whole story, I dont wanna mention any names either because I don't want anyone hurt or cause more damage to what have already been happend.

I went down there again (3 weeks after my father passed away) because I thought that I wanted to come away from everything and clear things up in my head). I went down there with a friend. At first everything was cool, but before the trip my stomach feeling said that this trip will end badly but I ignored it so I still went down there. We arrived a friday night. The first night there we didnt do anything specific. On Saturday we walked around in the town and had a nice time, still, everything was cool. On the Sunday we went down to the town again but this time we had alcohol with us.

Me and my friend shared a bottle of wine and it was a lot of wine we got in ourselves. Later on I was nagging on this guy to call his friend, I was drunk at that point and it was still day outside. That other guy came, at first it was ok but then when me and my friend started to walk away from the guys that was the breaking point began.

We went back to my friends boyfriends place, that is where I lived at that point. The guy went with us and I was soo drunk and I still drank more (wich was a huge mistake). Me and that guy was alone in the room because my friend and her guy went to the kitchen and made some dinner. The thing is I knew this guy earlier, we drank together and etc. But the thing is was that I was so drunk so when he started to ask me questions I lied. YES I LIED BECAUSE I GOT PANIC. I started to like this guy and I didn't wanna mess things up more than it already was. I did something awful the time before when I was in Örebro that I really regret..

The thing is that I didnt know that he knew about it until he confronted me, instead of being honest I started to lie right to this guy's face and started to act really mean to him. I got the worst drunk ever, after that I went to the toilet and cried, as I wrote in my earlier post, I wanted to jump out of the window, started to act crazy and everything went wrong.

After that day, things started to get worse when I was in Örebro. The plan was that I was going to stay there for a week but I went home on Wedsday. The tention in between me, my friend and her guy was weird. But at Tuesday night thats were things started to get really UGLY. I will not say what happend here in the blog but it ended up that I got kicked out from there (I didn't even wanna stay even though I would have the opportunity) and went back home at the same time as for me and my friend things started to look bad.

The thing is we started to get in to a fight and everyting ended up chaotic. Anyways, I am NOT putting back my feet to Örebro ever again!

When I look back I only see bad thing coming from there :
  • First time when I went there, came home with a broken heart 
  • Second time, got a call from my sister and she tells me that our father has passed away 
  • third time, I got into a huge fight, got kicked out and embaressed myself infront of a guy that I started to like so everything is fucked up now

    So thats what happend and there is the reasons why I dont want to get back there. I hope that you read it all because it was a really long post full with text.



Because I have been so late with updating so I am going to update everything now. The reason why I don't write everything on the same post it is because I think it is always something diffirent stuff that is going on. This post will be about my hunt after some tickets so skrillex concert (that is going to be in about 10 days or something!). Me and my best friend Kimberly is being soo frustrated on sellers. They contact you and then when we answer they are super slow (idiots..). We are up to some people that wants to sell their tickets so we will buy them, it is going to be soo much fun to see skrillex!

He is so awesome, I get so EXCITED when I think about it! :D

For you guys who don't know who he is (who doesn't, haha?) he is a famous DJ. Here is some song with him ;) :

Get a freaking eargasm *__*

Well, I hope that we get the tickets, and when we do, see you around there in Arenan! <3

Xoxo. <3

Some pics from the party

Hello everyone!

I am listening to Lady Gaga and then thought that I was going to upload some pictures from the party last week. I came home earlier from Örebro than expected (many people asked me why, it is a long story but I might make a post about it later..) and I went to Sandra's Halloween party. To be honest I was in such a bad mood but then I thought to myself "what, are u going to sit at home and do nothing when u can have fun with your friends??" so I pulled myself together, fixed me and went to the party. I must say it must have been one of the BEST parties I have been to. Everyone was having a good time and nothing went wrong (as usually does) so it was AWESOME!

Here are some pictures for you guys:

Well, that was all of the pictures from the party. I got some pictures that I took before I went there, some ego pics (I might upload them, we see), it was really funny, have do put up something like that again! ;O

XOXO. <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My rolemodels/inspirations

Hello everyone!

I wanted to update a little bit so you guys can have something fun to read about (yay)!

Ok, my rolemodels are :

Jwoww, she is so beautiful. I totally love her, she doesn't take crap from anybody and she uses her fists when someone is being bitchy to one of her friends. She is so hardcore. She is also a very sweet girl, this cat doesn't show her claws until someone makes her do it. Thats why she is an inspiration to me, I can recognize myself in her, so she is an inspiration.

Snooki, I love this girl. She is so awesome, she can party all night long baby and she doesn't give a crap about what people think of her. She is such a free soul. This girl knows how to have fun and she doesn't lower her standards when it comes to boys either ;). She is fierced and beautiful, thats inspires me to be myself more at parties and stop worrying about what other people would think of me. Just have fun and be free! ;*

Kat Von D. Wow, I absolutley love this women. She has gone so far in the tattoo business. She is a sucsessful business lady and she is doing what she burns for. Because the tattoo industri is dominated by men she had to work extra hard to come this far and she really hade it. That inspires me to do what I wanna do, if she can make it, I can make it to. I love her style and she is a real beauty.

 Amy Winehouse. I love her music. The lyrics are dark and her music is so catchy. Her personality is hardcore. She also doesn't care about what people think of her. She lived her life as she wanted to live it. People always judge her for doing drugs and shiet but she didn't give a fuck. She once said in an interview "If people dont like me for who I am it is there problem, not mine". Her style is also cool and unique. It is so vintage and retro, she really lived and created her own world.

Inspirations :

These models are my inspirations, when it comes to my body. I would do anything to look like them D:<

Well, thats about it.