Friday, November 25, 2011

How to repair your extensions

Here is some hairtips for you guys. This is what I did after being at skrillex concert, my extensions fell off and my hair looked like a mess after a hard long night.

1. This is how my hair looked like after I just combed it out. It looks like a hairball that a kitty cat throw up or something.. I just combed it out, so hehe..

2. Use some heatprotection, especially when it comes to extensions. It can't be repaired like real hair, so thats means you have to me extra carefull about them. I use gurdian angel by Got2be. It is soo good, so spray richly through the hair and comb it. Then your extensions will be protected ;)

3. Take your flat iron and use it. Flat your hair extensions throughly, remember that your hair is protected from the heat, but I always have low heat when I flat iron my extensions, because they are made from real human hair, they were expensive and I want to have them for a long time also without distroying them.

4. Then you are done. See, it is good as new, wear them, use them and work it girl! ;)

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