Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hello everyone!

In Tuesday, we went to Laserdoom with the class. This was the second time I have ever been to it, but it was so much fun. Our team lost (sadface) but the important thing was that everyone was enjoying it, specially after that all the work we put up to in school, we freaking deserve this!

After that we went to Mc'donalds, I took the train instead of the subway and changed in Tumba. From 
Tumba I took the bus at home. Here is some pictures from that day, I took these from Sandra's blog

Me and Sandra on the way to Laserdoom
Dont know wtf happend to my face on this picture, I look like freaking Michael Jackson! :'(
Looking very busy, talking in the phone at the same time as I smoke and be on pictures, Like a baws.
Will write a post now about my plans for the day, and some stuff I need to buy, haha.


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