Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My rolemodels/inspirations

Hello everyone!

I wanted to update a little bit so you guys can have something fun to read about (yay)!

Ok, my rolemodels are :

Jwoww, she is so beautiful. I totally love her, she doesn't take crap from anybody and she uses her fists when someone is being bitchy to one of her friends. She is so hardcore. She is also a very sweet girl, this cat doesn't show her claws until someone makes her do it. Thats why she is an inspiration to me, I can recognize myself in her, so she is an inspiration.

Snooki, I love this girl. She is so awesome, she can party all night long baby and she doesn't give a crap about what people think of her. She is such a free soul. This girl knows how to have fun and she doesn't lower her standards when it comes to boys either ;). She is fierced and beautiful, thats inspires me to be myself more at parties and stop worrying about what other people would think of me. Just have fun and be free! ;*

Kat Von D. Wow, I absolutley love this women. She has gone so far in the tattoo business. She is a sucsessful business lady and she is doing what she burns for. Because the tattoo industri is dominated by men she had to work extra hard to come this far and she really hade it. That inspires me to do what I wanna do, if she can make it, I can make it to. I love her style and she is a real beauty.

 Amy Winehouse. I love her music. The lyrics are dark and her music is so catchy. Her personality is hardcore. She also doesn't care about what people think of her. She lived her life as she wanted to live it. People always judge her for doing drugs and shiet but she didn't give a fuck. She once said in an interview "If people dont like me for who I am it is there problem, not mine". Her style is also cool and unique. It is so vintage and retro, she really lived and created her own world.

Inspirations :

These models are my inspirations, when it comes to my body. I would do anything to look like them D:<

Well, thats about it.

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