Saturday, November 12, 2011


Because I have been so late with updating so I am going to update everything now. The reason why I don't write everything on the same post it is because I think it is always something diffirent stuff that is going on. This post will be about my hunt after some tickets so skrillex concert (that is going to be in about 10 days or something!). Me and my best friend Kimberly is being soo frustrated on sellers. They contact you and then when we answer they are super slow (idiots..). We are up to some people that wants to sell their tickets so we will buy them, it is going to be soo much fun to see skrillex!

He is so awesome, I get so EXCITED when I think about it! :D

For you guys who don't know who he is (who doesn't, haha?) he is a famous DJ. Here is some song with him ;) :

Get a freaking eargasm *__*

Well, I hope that we get the tickets, and when we do, see you around there in Arenan! <3

Xoxo. <3

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