Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some pics from the party

Hello everyone!

I am listening to Lady Gaga and then thought that I was going to upload some pictures from the party last week. I came home earlier from Örebro than expected (many people asked me why, it is a long story but I might make a post about it later..) and I went to Sandra's Halloween party. To be honest I was in such a bad mood but then I thought to myself "what, are u going to sit at home and do nothing when u can have fun with your friends??" so I pulled myself together, fixed me and went to the party. I must say it must have been one of the BEST parties I have been to. Everyone was having a good time and nothing went wrong (as usually does) so it was AWESOME!

Here are some pictures for you guys:

Well, that was all of the pictures from the party. I got some pictures that I took before I went there, some ego pics (I might upload them, we see), it was really funny, have do put up something like that again! ;O

XOXO. <3

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