Friday, November 18, 2011

Stuff I finally got done with!

Hello everyone!

OK, as the headline says I got some important stuff fixed. I bought my Skrillex ticket in Monday and yesterday I went to the optic and got my eyes checked up because I wanna have eyecontacts and I got the worse eyesight ever. I went to Barkarby and it took like halv hour to find this place, I walked around and asked everyone but nobody there knew where this fucking place was!

But in the end, I found it, they were really nice and this guy was so sweet, he orded lenses from Belgien to me and he would send them to me instead of making me come and get them. I said to him the reason why I wanted to do an eye check-up for contacts was because next week I will go to Skrillex and I really wanted to also SEE him so he gave me another pair (not that good contact as them he orded to me but I could at last see in those pretty good) for free! :D

So he orded lenses from Belgien, gave me a free pair of contacts that I could use for the concert, and I will go back there after I tested my lenses from Belgien for a week to see if they work perfectly on my eyes, for FREE!

Everything just costed me 250 kr, it is NOTHING!
And they were so sweet and kind, I loved that place. ^^

I bought my Skrillex ticket from a girl on Facebook, she sold her ticket to  me for 500 kr, it is like 50 euro. I thought that it was a good price, so I am satisfied. In Wendsday I went youth clinic (ungdomsmottagningen?) because I was going to put in a p-stav in my arm, but I got a new time for next week so I will put it in then, I am scared because it is a HUGE needle that will shot in to my arm, I will have these anasthesia patch on my arm for 2 hours before I will do this approach, but I am still a bit nervous.

Yesterday before I went to the optic I did the national test in swedish and I thought it went pretty well to be honest, haha. Did the test in 40 minutes so it was fast, but I thought it was so easy so it was ok.

Right now is Sandra sitting next to me and struggling with doing her homemade ciggarettes but it doesn't go to well, lol. We practiced yoga before and now we are going to chill out and drink a little bit. ;)


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