Saturday, November 12, 2011

The truth about why I left

Ok, here is the truth about why I left Örebro. I cannot tell the whole story, I dont wanna mention any names either because I don't want anyone hurt or cause more damage to what have already been happend.

I went down there again (3 weeks after my father passed away) because I thought that I wanted to come away from everything and clear things up in my head). I went down there with a friend. At first everything was cool, but before the trip my stomach feeling said that this trip will end badly but I ignored it so I still went down there. We arrived a friday night. The first night there we didnt do anything specific. On Saturday we walked around in the town and had a nice time, still, everything was cool. On the Sunday we went down to the town again but this time we had alcohol with us.

Me and my friend shared a bottle of wine and it was a lot of wine we got in ourselves. Later on I was nagging on this guy to call his friend, I was drunk at that point and it was still day outside. That other guy came, at first it was ok but then when me and my friend started to walk away from the guys that was the breaking point began.

We went back to my friends boyfriends place, that is where I lived at that point. The guy went with us and I was soo drunk and I still drank more (wich was a huge mistake). Me and that guy was alone in the room because my friend and her guy went to the kitchen and made some dinner. The thing is I knew this guy earlier, we drank together and etc. But the thing is was that I was so drunk so when he started to ask me questions I lied. YES I LIED BECAUSE I GOT PANIC. I started to like this guy and I didn't wanna mess things up more than it already was. I did something awful the time before when I was in Örebro that I really regret..

The thing is that I didnt know that he knew about it until he confronted me, instead of being honest I started to lie right to this guy's face and started to act really mean to him. I got the worst drunk ever, after that I went to the toilet and cried, as I wrote in my earlier post, I wanted to jump out of the window, started to act crazy and everything went wrong.

After that day, things started to get worse when I was in Örebro. The plan was that I was going to stay there for a week but I went home on Wedsday. The tention in between me, my friend and her guy was weird. But at Tuesday night thats were things started to get really UGLY. I will not say what happend here in the blog but it ended up that I got kicked out from there (I didn't even wanna stay even though I would have the opportunity) and went back home at the same time as for me and my friend things started to look bad.

The thing is we started to get in to a fight and everyting ended up chaotic. Anyways, I am NOT putting back my feet to Örebro ever again!

When I look back I only see bad thing coming from there :
  • First time when I went there, came home with a broken heart 
  • Second time, got a call from my sister and she tells me that our father has passed away 
  • third time, I got into a huge fight, got kicked out and embaressed myself infront of a guy that I started to like so everything is fucked up now

    So thats what happend and there is the reasons why I dont want to get back there. I hope that you read it all because it was a really long post full with text.


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