Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woop woop

Hello everyone

A fast update. Under my wekeend I had a move night with Jennie, Niklas and Apple. We watched Drag me to hell, I hate that movie, I think it is really scary, but the end sucks, everyone thinks that . :(

Anyways, I slept pretty good, thats like never happends to me when I sleep over somewhere new, but I fall asleep really fast, I didn't feel so good so I decided to take a rest but it ended up with falling asleep, lol.

The day after, we just sat in the livingroom and talked, then we came up with this brilliant plan about taking a roadtrip through europe with a mini bus, we started just to talk about how fun it would be and now we are planning to really  DO IT! :D

We even started a blog about it, the link is here:

We haven't start to write anything yet but I will link this to my blog, our common blog is only about the plans, thoughts and goals, nothing personal about our lives in that way like my blog. We want to inspire others also, so it wil be pictures and everything like that soon. ;)

Tomorrow I will put a p-stav (dont actually know what it calls in english, sorry) so I am looking forward to it, instead of taking birthcontroll pills I just have this plastic thing in my arm, good hu'h? :D

This is how I feel right now:


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  1. hahahha dog av gif bilden haha :D
    ååå hoppas det kommer gå bra med p-stav. inget jag skulle se fram emot :O