Sunday, December 4, 2011

A "half-photo session" from Wednsday

Hi everyone!

Me and Natta, we hung-out from Tuesday to Wednsday. I totally missed her because from that point we haven't seen each other for 3 weeks so it felt really good. We were just talking about stuff, catched up a little bit with some gossip and just relaxed.

We were planning on drinking a bit but I was not feeling very well so we skipped it. Anyways, we got bored, so we started to do our make-up just for the lols and then we came across my black lipstick that I haven't used for like YEARS?!? 

We bought also apples dipped in candy when we was in the city. It was so good but it never ended, we freaking licked the apples all the way home but still, it wasn't FINISHED!!

But we took some awesome pictures with them as well.

We just took some really cool pictures (except for some I really looked weird so I delited my face on them) so here they are: 

Natta <3
Evil me >:)
So beutiful, love this pic! <3
HA-HA, u cannot see my face!
Natta lookes really happy about her candy apple! :D
Lick it! ;)
Took this picture in the city, btw, the candy apple was actually that red! :D
Haha, so sweet, on the way to the subway!<3
We like to lick things... O.O!
Cool pic, I liked this one on me! :)
nomnomnom <3

Looking forward to see my bestfriend next week on Tuesday, and she is going to stay over also. Yey! :D


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