Tuesday, December 27, 2011

lovely day

Hello everyone!

First of all, wanted to comment on my latest post. I was really upset when I wrote that, and my blog is kind of a diary. I share my feelings. thoughts and plans with you. I am letting you in to my world, showing it to you in a way that I could never do usualy. So everything that I do (well, mostly) I will write it here in my blog. This is the only place that I can put out myself like that and don't feel any regret. I want to show you the real me, and only myself because I do NOT wanna lie and pretend something that I am not to get more visitors.

I am not that type of girl. This is me, this is who I am and my blog is all about it.

ANYWAYS, wanted to tell you about my day. Yesterday I talked to my bestfriend Kimberly, it was a long time ago since we hunged out and I actually missed her, so she didn't have any plans so we grabbed a cup of coffee and talked. I just LOVE to talk to her, she REALLY gets me. It was quite nice actually, just to update on what is going on and what we have missed out on, just having some girly talk. ;)

The thing is, me and her can talk about ANYTHING, and when we have a problem we try our best to get solutions to eachothers problems. It is really great, she is so cleaver, she get some awesome ideas for my problems and issues that I could never think of even small stuff that is obvious, haha.

We go always to our place, Espresso House in Stockholm, in the big city! <3

After that we just walked around in the city with the beautiful christmas lights and decorations, it was soo cozy! <3
We grabbed a bite because we got hungry after walking around and just talking. It was really nice to get some stuff out and just get updated on news and update her with stuff that is going on in my life right now.
She will go on vacation now on Wendsday, she will be away in 2 weeks, gonna miss her though.. :(

Before I went in to the town I went to the post and got my lenses. They are really cool, they look like Twilight lenses, got some pictures for you on how it  looks!

Here they are:

Espresso house<3 (picture is NOT taking by me, just some random from google)

Here is a picture on how it looks like, a close-up!

This one is on me, it was a long time ago since I really took a good photo on me and posted it, so here you go! :)

No photoshop or lighting adjustments, this is how it really actually LOOKS like!

I am off to bed now..


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