Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Sorry for the superslow update but actually I didn't have my computer and I was at home for a while and my computer was in school so I couldn't update. I dont like to blog from others computer because I feel that my blog is very personal and I dont like blogging from others computers..

Anyways, I am at school right now and I am blogging from here. I will take my computer with me when I am going home. Right now I live with my sister, will live there in 3 weeks until my mothers comes back from Germany. Thats why I live there now.

I ordered some make up and make up brushes from E.L.F. For you who do not not what it is it is make up from the U.K. I will have them in about 7-14 working days, hopefully I get them next week.

The week before, we had a volleyball contest against another class in Solna. As I said in my earlier post we played all night and in the morning we went back to my place because Joen&Samuel lives to far away and the trains didn't go that time. So it was me, Sandra, Joen and Samuel went to my place and we all lived together in 2 DAYS!!

But is was fun, would actually do it again. <3

Here is the stuff I ordered:

one light pressed powder

one more dark toned pressed powder

Facial make-up brush

Smudge brush

Eyeshadow brush

A smaller eyeshadow brush

2 pressed bronze powder with glitter in it

Mineral booster powder, that gives you the flawless look


Facial spray that keeps the make up last long


Gel/powder for the eyebrows if you want them to look perfect!

That is the stuff I have ordered. Looking forward to get them! :D


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