Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hello everyone!
Lol, I totally forgot to post this one up, I haven't closed this window because I thought that I would post it later, but wow, it was over a week ago I would actually do that! D;

I got a alot to update here, so I will not take everything at the same time, going to put it up on the blog but for diffirent post so that u guys wont get confused. 
Anyways, I have had a lot going on these days, so I have my reasons of why I didn't update my blog.. But I am going to share that with u guys soon..

Here is some pictures of my fur hat I bought from H&M:

Me in my hat, and my blonde hairlights

Love my hat <3
"I just wanna live fast, party hard, make money, be a star
Boys at every show with their clothes on the dance floor.
We dont care, we dont care, we dont care,
If we live through THE WEEKEND. Live fast, die young."

The song of the day.


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