Friday, December 30, 2011

New year!

Hello everyone!

Right now I am laying in my bed and thinking to myself why am I still awake.. Tomorrow I will take to train up to Gävle (it is 2 hours from stockholm) and going to stay there for the weekend. I am going to celebrate new years eve with my friend, as I promised her 2 times before, so now it will actually happend.I am super pumped for this! :D
Seriously, need to get out of here from Stockholm for a while, or else I would go completly insane.
I will arrive there tomorrow at five o'clock on the afernoon and will come home the 1st of Januari around same time, wich is also on the afternoon.

Today I was in the city, met up Joen and Folke at first, that was when I bought my tickets. Then we just went and grabbed a cheeseburger (yummy, those damn cheeseburgers always works!) and then we met up Sandra. We walked around, had a good time then I bought this super sexy bra from HM. So did Sandra, so we have the exact same bra, yey.

Anyways, we didn't stay there for long. I came home soon after being in the city and when I got home I tried some diffirent outfits that I was going to wear for the New years. Then I watched tv a little bit, I watched the nature channel and I must admit that I LOVE lions. They are so pretty! *justwannahugthemandsqueezthem*

At 10 in the morning my brother will drop by and leave some stuff also, and he will get his christmas gifts that he still haven't picked up. So it would be nice so see my older brother again, kinda missed him, it was a long time since I saw him. :(

Well, I better go off to bed now cause I got a long day. Btw, I noticed that I got some diffirent readers from diffirent countries, but mostly from Russia. That is kinda cool, have to admit it to myself, that I got you readers from other countries, it is great actually to see that! :D

Hope you get a great New year and I will write soon when I get home again. <3
I love lions, isn't this the cutest picture ever?!? <3

Happy New year to you guys, make sure to party hard and get really drunk!! ;)


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