Monday, December 12, 2011



I haven't been able to update on the blog because I forgot my laptop in my school and the ones that I got home really sucks.. I have just been surviving on the wifi and my cellphone (yey!) haha, it worked pretty slow but it is still something. Can't live without Facebook u know? ;)

Anyways, I have been sick almost the whole week, it was awful.. :(
But know I am healthy again and I am in school right now and blogging. Today it is a special day in school, because our school is celabrating 10 years and the owner of Spotify is coming here also, he was a student once in my school, so that is kinda cool, lol.

Then we will play volleyball tonight, it is going to be so much fun, I totally forgot about it and a friend of mine remind me today about it. We are going to play volleyball all night against another school and we will have a day off tomorrow when we are on this game.

Last week on Monday I went with my friends and we saw In time, I also have seen Breaking dawn with my brother under the weekend (before monday) so it was pretty good movies, I liked them.


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