Friday, December 23, 2011

Wishlist for Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is it Christmas! :D
Now I am on a winterbreak from school, and I have bought Christmas gifts and I bought some stuff for myself as well. Thought that I wanted to share it wiyh you guys. This post is a bit unusual than from the other post here in my blog. I made a wishlist on stuff that I want!

I am soo in love with high heels and shoes for you who doesn't know that already. But these babes are so expensive, they cost over 100 euro each and I dont have those money.. Wish that I was really rich in these moments, lol.

But lets start then:

1. Some random golden glitter shoes from have2have.
2. From
3. Blue bow shoes also from

4. Christian Louboutin, expensive luxury shoes but they are drop dead gorgeous.
5. Christian Louboutin
6. Black pumps, Christian Louboutin
7. Sexy boots, Christian Louboutin
8. Ankle boots, Christian Louboutin
9. Leather ankle boots, Christian Louboutin
10. Stillettos, Christian Louboutin
11. Leather stillettos, Christian Louboutin
12. Glitter pumps, Christian Louboutin
13. Cool black and blue pumps, Christian Louboutin
14. Black and white pattern retro/vintage pumps, Christian Louboutin
15. half leopard and half black ankle boots, dont really remember where I saw them, sorry :(
16. American flag shoes, these ones are really pretty, Jeffrey Campbell

17. Cool design, Christian Louboutin
18. Color splash, love these, Jeffrey Campbell
19. Scotch design with some spikes on the back of the heel, my favorites, could kill for these shoes, Jeffrey Campbell
20. Black and white stripes, Jeffrey Campbell
21. Don't remember the name of the Designer but these shoes are really cute


22. Louis Vuitton
23. White Louis Vuitton
24. Chanel bag, super sexy with chains
25. Cute Louis Vuitton
26. Louis Vuitton
27.Beautiful Louis Vuitton bag
28. Unique Louis Vuitton bag

Saw on Facebook that Skrillex is letting out a new EP, TODAY!!
I want it so badly.. <3

Skillex to the left <3

Here is the eyecontacts that I ordered a couple of days ago. Looking forward to get them soon!

This one is on me! Yes, I was reeaally drunk and I thought that I could give this one for you my beutiful readers<3 To the left is Sandra! :)

This post took a very long time to do. Just the pictures with the bags and shoes took 2 HOURS!!!

But only to make you readers happy. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!


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