Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in pictures.

My 18th birthday, love my titties on this pic. 

me when I was blonde and was heading out in the cold summer storm to watch Deadmau5. <3

first picture with my new camera, had fire red hair then also.

good times when me and sandra was super blondies <3

From my modelsession at modelhouse.

My bestfriend turned 18 <3

Pride in town!

Pride, I had my poppy red hair also on this picture

Me and natta reunited this day and celebrated it my meeting the sweetest tranny ever ! <3


Meet Hanna R from Big brother Sweden 2012 on the bus when I was heading back home from Pride festival :)

the first photosession with Sandra.

my henna tattoo I got in Rhodos

laying in the sun and baking in Rhodos, this was the last day there.

Sitting by the pool

Miss the heat. <3

In Rhodos

sitting by the hotel and drinking with Sandra

eey, sexi lady!

With my angelbites and my pillarbox red hair.

Good summartimes. <3
Me and frida was on photosession at the studio, it was a great day! 

me and Sandra at the pool 

At Deadmau5 concert here in Sweden ;) 

my first illustration.

Well, I think that this year has been hard, it is definitely one of the most boring years I've ever had, but it had good moments, like you see in the pictures. I hope that this upcoming year, 2013, will be great, please be awesome 2013 ! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well, I think this is a very sexy surprise from me to you. ;)

To be honest, this wasn't planned at all, I wanted to make you 2 makeup video tutorials but my computer just crashed and all my saving and all my work is gone, so I had to re-do them and I got so frustrated because I put a lot of time editing the clips and put it all together nicely but then, my computer died, just like that, out of nowhere!

Well, I think this surprise are much neater than the first one, what do you think? ;) 

I am proud of my body, so I am not ashamed of showing it, this will problably irritate some people I know IRL, but whatever man, just shut up and start wanking (just joking).


I got a surprise for you!

Hi sweethearts <3 

I got a surprise for you, you will see it soon here on the blog what I made just for you. ;) 

Watch out here on the blog if you want to see what it is! :D


Friday, December 28, 2012

My first illustration work

Lana del Rey, she is such a beauty <3

The first picture, is the one that I made (no shiet) and the second one is the one I resembled to. I skipped the bird, since it is my first illustration work. I think that my work could have gone much better if I putted a bit more time into it and even used a regular mouse instead of my mousepad on the laptop.

I thought it was a lot of fun to do and relaxing, I have been pissed all day long and things that got up didn't make it any less easier, even made me more mad (haha, how is that even possible?) IT IS. 
Oh well, what do you guys think of my work, good, bad, what should I think about? 

Constructive criticism please. 


I am so f*cking pissed off right now.

All my plans for the new year's eve are gone. Even my plan B. I don't have a dress, the one that I wanted, that I had for months, DOESN'T EVEN FIT!!!! 

I am soo upset right now, the dress is so beautiful but it falls when I putted it on. I don't have any money to buy a new one since that dress was supposed to me my savior.. You have no idea of how angry I am atm!!

It feels like I am about to explode at any second, even my mum, haven't washed the clothes since she is so f*cking clumsy and forgot her time 3 TIMES!! 3 FUCKING TIMES, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? 

Fuck you and fuck everything. New year is definitely my time of year and now it is totally ruined. I don't even have any shoes and don't have the time to fix new stuff SINCE IT IS 2 DAYS LEFT!!! 


All of my closest friends won't even be here in Stockholm and I cannot afford to go somewhere else since I am broke.

Sad girl nr 1.

I will let Deadmau5 express my feelings.


Waiting for something interesting..

I have ordered something but what could it be..? Is it something usual to be me or is it something completely weird..?

The package is on it's way, so within few days you will know what it is. ;) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hi guys! <3 

Did you remember from my Christmas wishlist that I wanted to fix my nose?
Well, I did, I fixed it with a substance called perlylane (I think that what it is called) it is a filler. Here is the before pictures and I even made a video that you can see the results.



Directly after, it is a bit swolled up, but you can still see the results. 


with Sandra on espresso house. 

Results, better pictures, how it looks on the side.

even made a video, but I speak swedish in it, so sorry for my international readers, but you can see the results in action: 

So, what do you guys think, did you see any results??