Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Since I listen a lot on dubstep (Skrillex doesn't really count since he is doing diffirent types of music) I will post these one of my favorites right now, enjoy! <3

Movie weekend!


Long time, no see, haha. I haven't been able to update under the weekend since my brother was going to move to Karlskoga (wich he have right now and it is 3 hours away from here) so I had to spend some time with my family. He went there last week, on Friday, on a job interview and he came back the same day. They called him and they wanted him so he went back there and is going to live there from now on as long as he is working. He stays with my relatives there. Got loads of relatives down there in Karlskoga apparently, lol.

Anyways, that why I didn't go to school yesterday. I woke up very early, helped him pack and said goodbye, it was sad.. I was very depressed that day though.. Under the weekend I didn't wanna waste my time talking on the phone and I didn't have the energy to text with someone. So thats why I didn't answer my phone at all under the weekend. I was very off, but as I said, I wont see my brother that much often, I will miss him a lot. Thats why I didn't wanna waste any more time on non important things..

When I write this I feel my eyes get all teared up.

I am going to update some stuff, I am also going to make a new topic om "Categories" wich is music. It will include songs that I like and listen to a lot atm. The project with the header had to freeze, I have honestly not been thinking about it at all!

But a new header will come up soon eventually..

Here is the movies I watched with my family (apart from Lilja for ever, I watched it by myself):

Alice in wonderland

Puss in boots

The mask

Hostel 3

Underworld, rise of the lycans

An interview with an vampire

Lilja 4 ever. Must have been one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I never cry to movies but this one was just horrible. The ending was so sad, this is a movie everyone HAVE TO SEE!

Underworld Evolution

Harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2, wich is the last Harry Potter movie.

I will write a post about songs that I really like soon. I will also upload the pictures that I haven't done as I promised you.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Under the weekend Sandra came over and took some pictures of me. It wa many of them so I will upload them later. I got a few that I am going to use for my new header (wich is in progress). Haven't been able to update as often right now since I am very busy, so I am not always able to update my blog so much often as I used to do.

Anyways, for everyday I will upload a new picture, not all of them (that wouldn't be any fun) so you just have to hang out with it! ;)

Now I am going to focus on my work and after this lesson I quit. I will hit the gym later!

Here is the sneak peak:
Model: Jawa (me), Photographer: Sandra Zirath

Xoxo. :*

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changed plans

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I met my friend Kimberly, we haven't seen eachother for over 3 weeks almost since she came home from her vacation. We grabbed a cup of coffee, but this time we weren't at the same place as we usually goes to, wich is Espresso House. We went to a new place because she wanted me to try it so we went to some random cafe in the middle of Centralen. It was nice, we did the usual, talked out and having a nice time. <3

Anyways, my plans for the day was going home to another friend and having a girly night but she couldn't, so we will see eachother tomorrow and take just take some pictures.
Right now, I am sitting with my old computer that is all slow and got Windows XP (lol). What I did find was old music that I have collected on me under my high school time. It was so nice just to sit and listen to my old favorite songs, remembering the good old times, just layed in my bed and listened to my old songs about 3 hours. It was really great, it was also funny to see old pictures from my high school period, just remembering back to all of it. <3

Right now, I will download some movie, don't really know what  movie, but I figure something out soon.. Perhaps watch The Mighty Boosh?
One of the best shows ever!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This weekend I have been my relatives in Karlskoga, wich is near Örebro.. I was like "fml" when my mum told me that we were going to visit my grandma and my aunts, uncles and cousins. It took 2 and a half hour to get there with the car. My brother was driving the car and my aunt joined us.

When I was there, I was at my aunt's place then I went to Örebro and met up my friend and we had a little talk.. It was nice to se her, since she is ALWAYS there now and we don't see each other so much..

Anyways, last week, on Friday, I finally got my MAKEUP!!!
It took 20 working days, wich is A LOT, but I finally got it!
I will do a review/haul on the products that I bought, maybe will make a video about it. ;)

This weekend that comes right now I will be with Sandra. It is going to be a girly weekend, looking forward to it. Could really use some girly time right now.
It will be pictures taken also with her systemcamera, so it will be great photos for you guys, then I will make a new sexy header! ;)

Now I am going to focuse on the lesson and after that I will hit the gym!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

My painting!


Haven't been able so update since I was in school and then when I came home I had relatives here yesterday. Today I was at school, it was so fucking cold. It started to snow when I was tired to death on my way home, fml.

I also talked to a friend about E.L.F make up and I am getting upset right now because normally it takes 7 working days, maximum 14, but my post hasn't still arrived and it has been 18 FUCKING WORKING DAYS!!

Also send them an email and they still haven't respond to it yet.. Bastards!
(want my make up now!!!!!)  >:C

Anyways, I was to tired to take pictures on all of my paintings so I just took a picture on my latest piece.

Here it is:
This is one of my darkest paintings of all time. This reflects my emotions that I have been going through in these past months. After I got all my emotions out on the painting I have to admit that I feel really good now.
Off to bed now, I am deadly tired.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I got

Well hello!

Today, my mother came back from Germany. It was really great to see her. She had also brought some stuff from there to me, so I wanted to share it with you guys!

Also, did I mention that I lost my bra that I bought?
Lucky me that they had that one in H&M, but it was only 2 LEFT!
One was 75 A and the other one was 75 C, and I got 75 B.. So I bought the bigger one, rather one little bit to big and to small, right?? :O
Besides, some bra's shrinks in the wash, soo.. yeah..

Well, here is the stuff:
Black stretch jeans
Here is another picture, with my legwarmers, need to have these because here in Sweden it is cold as FUCK!
Same design, but in dark denim instead (messy bed, know) ;)
Another design, also jeans. These are stretch and the chain belt got with it ;)
Kind of a cardigan, it is long and so cozy <3
I do not usually wear acsessories, even though I got a thousands ones.. But this one I really loved, love the combination with black stone and gold<3
This is how my bra looks like, LOVE it! <3
Thats about it for today.

New design!


I am still up, I dont know why. I finished my multimedia movie that was supposed to be done last semester.. So I am happy for that, I finally figured out the fucking programme!! (thanks youtube <3)

Anyways, just wanted to also say that my mother comes back from Germany! (yay)
I missed her, I haven't seen her for 2 FUCKING WEEK!!
Thats insane, I never been apart from her for that long time, but to see it more positive I have learned to take care of myself and be on my own if I survived 2 weeks without my mother! (lol)

Well, anyhow, as you can see I have changed my design, as I said in my earlier post I thought my blog looked quite boring and soo not me.. Well, I feel better about my new design, I feel good about it. This one speeks to me much better than the other one. It is perhaps that I am the only one who thinks like that, so I don't know. It would be great to know what you readers think of the new design, of its better than the old one or not!

I have changed the colour, the text type and I have put a new "Categories" thing, so you can easly see what I have.

Also I have been thinking of doing a categorie about Art. I LOVE art, not many people know this but I do paint, like real paintings. ;)

I haven't done it for a very good time, but I have been thinking about it, for quite a while. I think I will paint soon enought, perhaps under the weekend, we'll see. But I can take pictures on my paintings, I will make a post about it (do not know when) so that I can show you what I do.

The background design that is on my blog right now is made by me, do you like it? :D
My blog will be under construction right now. I am going to take pictures with Sandra soon. She has a great camera and that qualite of those pictures that will be taken is going to work great for a new header!!

Anyway, here is the old design:
Old design

My super boring header that I will replace with a new one soon.

What do my pretty readers think about my blog know, is it good, YES/NO/MAYBE?

Dont be afraid to comment, you can choose to be anonymous, I wont bite.. Much.


Sunday, January 8, 2012



Sorry if I haven't updated since the day before New Year. I have been sick since I got home from Gävle wich was 1st January. I am still sick right now. Anyways, my New Year was AWESOME!

I got  to hang out with the best people ever, it was so much fun. I dont think that I have drinking so much alcohol in my whole life!

I got so drunk, haha. At first when I arrived me and Nemo just went to her place, I had a bottle of wine so we shared it, got a little bit drunk but nothing compared to the day after! (lol)

The next day we went to a completly random place somewhere in Gävle. A small town kind of.. We were invited to a dinner, it was cozy, then we just drank a little, took a cab, went to another place where the party was and came back really late. Thats when I started to drink my booze that I brought, and it wasn't little booze I had with me either! ;)

So the New years was great, awesome company, great food and soo much BOOZE
At least I got one picture from the New years, it wasn't so many picture as I thought it would be but at least I got one for you guys! ;)

(btw, I am still waiting on my make up that I ordered from E.L.F, it was a delay and it has gone almost 2-3 weeks and I am frustrated, I want my make up NOW!)

Feel like this right now.

Here is a picture taken by another friend on me and Nemo. I am to the right on the picture :)