Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This weekend I have been my relatives in Karlskoga, wich is near Örebro.. I was like "fml" when my mum told me that we were going to visit my grandma and my aunts, uncles and cousins. It took 2 and a half hour to get there with the car. My brother was driving the car and my aunt joined us.

When I was there, I was at my aunt's place then I went to Örebro and met up my friend and we had a little talk.. It was nice to se her, since she is ALWAYS there now and we don't see each other so much..

Anyways, last week, on Friday, I finally got my MAKEUP!!!
It took 20 working days, wich is A LOT, but I finally got it!
I will do a review/haul on the products that I bought, maybe will make a video about it. ;)

This weekend that comes right now I will be with Sandra. It is going to be a girly weekend, looking forward to it. Could really use some girly time right now.
It will be pictures taken also with her systemcamera, so it will be great photos for you guys, then I will make a new sexy header! ;)

Now I am going to focuse on the lesson and after that I will hit the gym!


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