Sunday, January 8, 2012



Sorry if I haven't updated since the day before New Year. I have been sick since I got home from Gävle wich was 1st January. I am still sick right now. Anyways, my New Year was AWESOME!

I got  to hang out with the best people ever, it was so much fun. I dont think that I have drinking so much alcohol in my whole life!

I got so drunk, haha. At first when I arrived me and Nemo just went to her place, I had a bottle of wine so we shared it, got a little bit drunk but nothing compared to the day after! (lol)

The next day we went to a completly random place somewhere in Gävle. A small town kind of.. We were invited to a dinner, it was cozy, then we just drank a little, took a cab, went to another place where the party was and came back really late. Thats when I started to drink my booze that I brought, and it wasn't little booze I had with me either! ;)

So the New years was great, awesome company, great food and soo much BOOZE
At least I got one picture from the New years, it wasn't so many picture as I thought it would be but at least I got one for you guys! ;)

(btw, I am still waiting on my make up that I ordered from E.L.F, it was a delay and it has gone almost 2-3 weeks and I am frustrated, I want my make up NOW!)

Feel like this right now.

Here is a picture taken by another friend on me and Nemo. I am to the right on the picture :)


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