Thursday, January 12, 2012

My painting!


Haven't been able so update since I was in school and then when I came home I had relatives here yesterday. Today I was at school, it was so fucking cold. It started to snow when I was tired to death on my way home, fml.

I also talked to a friend about E.L.F make up and I am getting upset right now because normally it takes 7 working days, maximum 14, but my post hasn't still arrived and it has been 18 FUCKING WORKING DAYS!!

Also send them an email and they still haven't respond to it yet.. Bastards!
(want my make up now!!!!!)  >:C

Anyways, I was to tired to take pictures on all of my paintings so I just took a picture on my latest piece.

Here it is:
This is one of my darkest paintings of all time. This reflects my emotions that I have been going through in these past months. After I got all my emotions out on the painting I have to admit that I feel really good now.
Off to bed now, I am deadly tired.

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