Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I got

Well hello!

Today, my mother came back from Germany. It was really great to see her. She had also brought some stuff from there to me, so I wanted to share it with you guys!

Also, did I mention that I lost my bra that I bought?
Lucky me that they had that one in H&M, but it was only 2 LEFT!
One was 75 A and the other one was 75 C, and I got 75 B.. So I bought the bigger one, rather one little bit to big and to small, right?? :O
Besides, some bra's shrinks in the wash, soo.. yeah..

Well, here is the stuff:
Black stretch jeans
Here is another picture, with my legwarmers, need to have these because here in Sweden it is cold as FUCK!
Same design, but in dark denim instead (messy bed, know) ;)
Another design, also jeans. These are stretch and the chain belt got with it ;)
Kind of a cardigan, it is long and so cozy <3
I do not usually wear acsessories, even though I got a thousands ones.. But this one I really loved, love the combination with black stone and gold<3
This is how my bra looks like, LOVE it! <3
Thats about it for today.


  1. Du är så jävla het Jawa :* kan du inte lägga upp en bild på dig i bh ? :*

  2. jaså, det vill du allt va? ;O