Friday, February 24, 2012

Canceled it.

Hello everyone out there!

Today I was supposed to have a small party here at my place.But when I woke up I felt that it was a lot worse than I was yesterday. I really couldn't even get up from the bed because of the headache I've got and my body was feeling so tired even though I went to bed early in the hope of getting better.. Well, what are you gonna do? If you get sick then there is nothing you could do except from resting. I have really bad guilt over the whole thing because I've sent the invitations to everyone the day before yesterday and everyone was excited about it but then I had to send them another message and tell them that they could not come because I was feeling really ill..

That really sucks to tell them that, but I didn't  have any other choice either though.. *sadface*

Anyways, here is the downsides of today: 

  • Got really sick
  • Canceled the party 
  • No drinking 
  • Forgot my school computer (which means that I cant do nice collages in photoshop)
  • Most go to school and get the subjects assignments that I lay behind in

Here is the positive things:
  • My body starting to look more fit 
  • My tan is starting to show!! (have been tanning 2 days this week with Sandra) 
  • My school meeting went well, so got a plan for the weekend that I have now (having a week off)
  • Even though I felt like crap yesterday I still got my ass to school and did the English novel report that will give me a grade in English (feeling proud of myself)

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