Tuesday, February 7, 2012

forgot this one!

Hello everyone!
I almost forgot to tell you about my weekend. Lets start with Saturday. I went to Sandra's place, we decided that we were going to have a nice girly night. So we did. We took a relaxing bath, had facial mask, hair retreatment and drinks. It was great actually, just talk about everyting (at that point I didn't feel good) so it was nice to get it all out.
Then when we were done, I fixed my hair and after that I got soo deadly tired, especially after the bath.. So we both fall asleep immedieatly, lol!

The next day, on Sunday, we went to the City. We just walked around and then she bought some stuff she needed, so did I. We went then to Espresso House and grabbed a coffee, but we went home early because is was SO fucking cold, it almost felt like that I was going to freeze to death..

Here is some pictures from the weekend:

Our drinks that was so delicious! <3
golden glitter nail polish from American apparel

Sandra and me on the way to the City!
best mascara ever!!

Goodnight, I will go to sleep now.
Xoxo. <3

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