Monday, February 27, 2012

My room is empty!


Today, I packed the last things in the boxes and took out all the furnishes (throw them away because they were half-broken). I also threw away my carpets (which I totally hate) so that was the one thing I felt really good about!

Pictures will come up soon, still haven't got my other computer, stuck with my Toshiba right now. -_-

, saw this movie Where the wild things are today, I think it is quite good. My brother was here yesterday, but just for the night, he went back home this morning. *sadface*

We watched a scary movie called Grave encounters, it is scary. It is about a movie team that wanted to film some ghosts in a mental hospital and they got locked in there so that wouldn't ran away if anything happened (they asked for it). Then loads of scary shit happens there and they cannot get out..

About Where the wild things are, it is about a boy that is feeling outside of his family, he got a wild behaviour and he had a fight with his mother one day so he ran out. He came to a forest, took the boat that he saw and he fell asleep on this boat so suddenly he comes to this island. When he walked around he saw these trolls, so he pretended to be their king etc.
I CRIED at the end, it was soo sad. :(
It is a fucking child movie and I cried like a little baby, I might be oversensitive or something?? D:


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