Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pokemon and paint!


Yesterday I had a pokemon night. I watched all 3 first movies, and I saw them in Swedish, it would feel really weird to watch those in English  because when I was a kid I always watched them in Swedish. These are the only movies I could watch in swedish without getting frustrated, lol.

Today I bought the paint to my room and I also bought 2 bleach haircolors because I am going to get a really light color (will be blonde for a while, wonder how that would go..) because I am going to color it into an extreme color, I will not tell you which one though.. haha! ;)

And also, right now, I am getting real inspired into paint because I am watching on youtube some great painting techniques and I just wanna grab my pencils and the canvas and start to paint and let the inspiration flow to the pencil!

This color shade is called "lennart" and it is from the color brand bengars, it was the only one left. ;)
I did not paint this, but this is a picture of how it will look like, this picture is taken from Google.
Pokemon The first movie : Mewtwo vs Mew
The second movie : pokemon the movie 2000
And of course the third one : pokemon the movie 3
Here is the MOOD hairbleach, ultra blonde x-tra, it is for dark hair, I used this one to my highlights and I think it is really good!
All the pictures are borrowed from Google!


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