Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cellphone update!


Blogging through my cellphone. It is summertime now, which means that you put one hour forward on the clocks, which is great!!

I had a nice day today, it was quite stressful at first with the stupid busses that nearly goes on weekends. *hurr* *durr*

I have a swedish test tomorrow right in the morning. I didn't finish all the questions and I barely remember any of someting I wrote or studied.. Fml.

I better get some sleep right now since I am going up 6 in the morning. *sigh*

Goodnight world. Here is a picture of me that I found.   

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here is a close-up pictures on my Deadmau5 shoes!!

Hello guys!

Sorry for not being able so update but I have a lot of school work that I have to do and everyting needs to be done by NEXT WEEK!!
I am nearly finished.. Kill me. 

But yesterday, I've got my DEADMAU5/PUMA shoes, they are really pretty. <3

Took some close-up pictures on the details and on the shoes, this is how they look like:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ordered these babes!

Hello everyone!

I will tell you a little bit about my weekend. At Friday, I was at school, didn't do much at the time, so I went on Ebay and looked at some stuff. I watched especially after some Deadmau5 stuff, like posters, ear buds etc. Then I came across these lovely Puma shoes that Deadmau5 have designed for them last year. They are very rare, you cannot get them in a regular shoe store and cannot even order these from Footlocker or Puma since they were limited edition  only. 

Anyways, it was a guy on Ebay that was selling many things and these one are BRAND NEW, in it's regular box and they are REAL!
I won them at last and they costed me 85 GBP, wich is a lot in Swedish SEK. But if I think about it, it is a really good price for a pair of THESE shoes, that is a limited edition, brand new and real. So it wasn't so bad, THUMBS UP FOR EBAY!!

These is how the babes look like:

Pictures taken from google and edited by me. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

New music 2 listen on!


I have wrote a post on a dubstep forum and said that I have been listening to my music so much and I haven't got any new ones and I started to get tired of it. So it would be cool if someone could give me some tips on good producers, so there was these to nice guys who actually helped me and suggested these ones below.
Dubstep wubwubwub:
  • Culprate
  • Excision
  • Chrispy 
  • Endophyte
  • Innasekt 
  • Ultrablack
  • Kode9 
  • Mala
  • Cyrus
  • Horsepower 
  • Productions
  • Benga
  • Skream
  • Zomby
  • Coki
  • DJ Hatcha
  • Phaeleh
  • Digital Mystikz
  • Slaughter Mob
  • Kromestar
  • Tes La Rock
  • Djunya
  • Dubkinetik
  • Flextronic
  • SteveD
  • MRK1
  • Caspa

Picture from weheartit and editing by me.

I am about to have some eargasm for a while and discover some new music and get inspired, wubwubwub.
Xoxo. <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dreams/goals inspiration part 4


Have been fixing these photos for an hour and half. These are my dreams and goals, hopefully they inspire you to.

Pictures taken by weheartit.