Saturday, March 3, 2012



Yesterday I went over to Sandra and she helped me dye my hair. Right now I am blonde, pictures will come up soon. Later, close midnight, we went over to her friends house and just chilled out. I also drank so got a bit drunk, lol.

This morning was such a beautiful weather, the sun was shining so me, Sandra and Jocke went to McDonald's (love to eat there the day afterwards) then we went home after that. I am really sleepy, didn't sleep much and we went to bed 5 in the morning and went up around 10 in the morning.. Then when I came home the stuff was everywhere, they workers that did my room did my mum's and my sister's room also. But my sister only fixed the floor, my mother painted the walls and put a new floor also.

Anyways, right now I am in my bed on my own room, it is done. I just have to furnish it, that's all. But the house look like a mess right now, lol.

I am going to sleep right now since I am DEADLY tired, I will blog more tomorrow,

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