Friday, May 25, 2012

outfit of the day and cinema time!

Hello sunshines! 

Right know I am at school, just chilling and I am finished for the day. I am just waiting with my friends since we are going to watch american pie reunion, I love those first american pie movies and it would be really fun to see the reunion. :D 

These past days has been great weather, it has been warm and a lot of sunshines! 
I get so happy when the sun is up which is not that often since I live here in Sweden..
I also was working on my tan today, it was awesome ! :)
I get really happy by the sun, it's in my fucking blood guys!! 

I shopped summer clothes for 180 euro which is 1800 kronor.. So here one of the outfits and it is the outfit of the day: 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the most beutiful women!

Hi again! 

Since it was a long time I made some inspiration post I thought that I could upload some people that I ger really inspired by when it comes to my look. I will never be as beutiful as any of these wonderful human beings but you could always try, right? ;) 

Also Valeria (mostly known as the "living barbie") have done a couple of plastic surgery and she looks great! So get inspired by these most beutiful women in the world! <3

Alena Shishkova:

Valeria Lukyanova:

Felice Fawn:

Nina Dobrev:

Lana del Ray:

Taylor Momsen

almost all of them are borrowed from Google.


To do list!


I got a 4 day off from school, (yey) so I have made a "to do list" since I was so bored and needed to write down things that got to get done. 
I have noticed a thing, I haven't mentioned that I got 2 NEW CATS, they are really pretty. I also have ordered circle lenses and I got them now, but picture on that will come up later. Btw, my phone broke so I got stuck with this weird chinese phone called Huwei.. The camera sucks on it and the camera that my uncle promised to buy me will have to wait ;__; </3 

So if I take any pictures from now on it will only be with crappy cam pictures, wei *not*
About the last point on my to do list, I really hope it will be a good weather, because you can never trust the weather here in Sweden, one second it is shiny and pretty and the other second it is just cold and fucking snowing, HATE this weather.. (that is why I am going to fucking leave, finally!)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

why is it like that..?

hello everyone!

I have been wondering on a couple of things.. I do not know why I feel this but my biggest fear is to be tricked into something then get used.. I am so scared to get my heart broken and I am not even really sure on how I even feel. It feels like my friends start to avoid me and someone (special) else.. Why is that idiot wanna screw things up for me when I finally for once am happy?

This fucking douchebag is so annoying, he wont let me be and why doesn't he realize I do not want to do anything with him and nobody really care for this asshole?
why is it so hard for him to fucking realize he will never fit in and he will never have me even though he knows that?
wtf does he even fight for and why does this motherfucker want to fuck up things for me??
I get so frustrated, but I wont let him get under my skin and most of all, I WILL NOT LET THAT CREATURE WIN!!!

The war is so fucking on and you WILL be the one who falls in the end..

I think I might have a clue why me friends avoid me, but that is a really weak reason to actually take it to that level. I might have screwed some things up but they do not understand.. I am just trying to be perfect.

Monday, May 14, 2012

just some thoughts

I always think to myself, what if I ever regret stuff that I post on the blog?

I might not do that in the particulary moment but I can regret it later, sometime in the future maybe..
But why should I actually feel that way?
I post stuff of how I FEEL in that moment and I should not have any hesitation about it, no matter what happend I am going to stand for every single word I say on my blog. I also know what kind of things I will not post here, that is something I actually do think about no matter what.

One other thing is I have noticed with myself is that I have a tendency to stress/push everything to fast. I do not know exactly why I do that but I think I have clue. THAT is something I am not going to put up here.. That is just to personal.
Well. That is about it, just wanted to let that out.


Friday, May 11, 2012

fast update

hi guys!

I am sorry for not being able to update but there is sooo many things that is going on right now that it's crazy!
I got so much schoolwork and got a whole other stuff on the side, but I think I will update a lot under the summertime since I will not have any school or any other things particulary in plans. :)

I might even get 2 new cats today, yey!!
Also I will have a small party tonight, since is Friday? ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Concert Flux pavilion and Feed me

Hi everyone!
Long time ago since I have been updating my blog. Have a lot of reasons why I haven't been doing that (both being lazy and busy). But I thought I could at least write about my weekend.

Me and my best friend Kimberly went to Flux Pavilion and Feed me's concert here in Stockholm. It was so fucking awesome, really good music, mostly dubstep for those who don't know who this guys are. Unfortunatly I didn't take any pictures so these one are just borrowed from google.

Flux pavilion <3
Feed me <3

Here is some really good music for you guys with Flux pavilion and feed me <3 :

Enjoy, Xoxo.