Monday, May 14, 2012

just some thoughts

I always think to myself, what if I ever regret stuff that I post on the blog?

I might not do that in the particulary moment but I can regret it later, sometime in the future maybe..
But why should I actually feel that way?
I post stuff of how I FEEL in that moment and I should not have any hesitation about it, no matter what happend I am going to stand for every single word I say on my blog. I also know what kind of things I will not post here, that is something I actually do think about no matter what.

One other thing is I have noticed with myself is that I have a tendency to stress/push everything to fast. I do not know exactly why I do that but I think I have clue. THAT is something I am not going to put up here.. That is just to personal.
Well. That is about it, just wanted to let that out.


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