Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To do list!


I got a 4 day off from school, (yey) so I have made a "to do list" since I was so bored and needed to write down things that got to get done. 
I have noticed a thing, I haven't mentioned that I got 2 NEW CATS, they are really pretty. I also have ordered circle lenses and I got them now, but picture on that will come up later. Btw, my phone broke so I got stuck with this weird chinese phone called Huwei.. The camera sucks on it and the camera that my uncle promised to buy me will have to wait ;__; </3 

So if I take any pictures from now on it will only be with crappy cam pictures, wei *not*
About the last point on my to do list, I really hope it will be a good weather, because you can never trust the weather here in Sweden, one second it is shiny and pretty and the other second it is just cold and fucking snowing, HATE this weather.. (that is why I am going to fucking leave, finally!)


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