Tuesday, May 15, 2012

why is it like that..?

hello everyone!

I have been wondering on a couple of things.. I do not know why I feel this but my biggest fear is to be tricked into something then get used.. I am so scared to get my heart broken and I am not even really sure on how I even feel. It feels like my friends start to avoid me and someone (special) else.. Why is that idiot wanna screw things up for me when I finally for once am happy?

This fucking douchebag is so annoying, he wont let me be and why doesn't he realize I do not want to do anything with him and nobody really care for this asshole?
why is it so hard for him to fucking realize he will never fit in and he will never have me even though he knows that?
wtf does he even fight for and why does this motherfucker want to fuck up things for me??
I get so frustrated, but I wont let him get under my skin and most of all, I WILL NOT LET THAT CREATURE WIN!!!

The war is so fucking on and you WILL be the one who falls in the end..

I think I might have a clue why me friends avoid me, but that is a really weak reason to actually take it to that level. I might have screwed some things up but they do not understand.. I am just trying to be perfect.

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