Saturday, June 30, 2012

new category!

Hello everyone! 

I forgot to load up the stuff that I've bought yesterday, so I will do that now. Also, I am planning for what my upcoming posts of what they will be about, yey!

Btw, the new category is called "shopping".

Today I didn't do a single thing.. I really need to do something, but tomorrow I will pay a visit to my older sister, that I haven't seen for a while since she was in Alanya so it will be nice. Hopefully it will be a good weather tomorrow so that I can use my sun oil and work on my tan, hate Sweden's weather,
This is one of the biggest reasons of why I want to move away from here..

I actually got this a couple of days ago, it is a leave in balm for the hair that I bought from the salon since they didn't have the protein thingy that I wanted, but this one is good, it is from a famous brand called "Lanza".
My spray oil from hawaiian tropic :)
whenever mine is finished I always buy this one, have tried MANY diffirent hairspray in my life and this is the best one, it smells good, it is not sticky and it really stays the whole day <3
I even bought a sketch pad, since I love to draw but I mostly like to do paintings with acryl. I live to draw some random things so this is perfect, it didn't even cost so much, so why not? :p


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Friday, June 29, 2012

My plans for myself

The past days in pictures

Hello everyone!

Today I went to see my doctor since I think I got some troubles with my lungs, because I have a really hard time when it comes to breath and I get dizzy and lose my feelings both in the face and my fingers. It is quite scary, I had to almost go to the hospital because of it about 2 days ago.

I got an new appointment with my doctor, both on Tuesday and Wednesday just to check that everything is alright. The thing is that he doesn't think that I got any physically wrong with me, it is mentally, that I got some sort of anxiety. He could be right though.. 

After the doctor and the check-up I went to see my father, I really do miss him, it is hard sometimes, but the time heals the wounds..
I am a bit lazy so I let the pictures speak for themselves of what has been going on these past days/week.

Btw, I updated my design on the blog, again!
My mudcake that I made all by myself, haha

Birthday party, some neighbours!
My brother <3 he looks so happy :D

My godfather, we were celebraiting him :)
yeah, sometimes things don't always go the way you expected it to, lol
Taking a cup of coffee with my bestfriend Kimberly at espresso house, it was really nice <3
Watching football with my family and with my cute cat :3
My father's grave.. <3
R.I.P.. <3

I will do 2 more posts tonight, 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello everyone!! 

Today when I woke up I got a sudden urge of baking?!
It is so crazy, because I never get that kind of urge to do something as baking but I really want to bake something, perhaps cupcakes, a pie, or make a whole big cake??
But I am into some fudge cakes.. I dont know, I am going to search online for some recipies and then just go from there.

Also, I have this feeling that I want to clean my entire home, haha, feels like I am turning into some kind of housewife or something.. Not good.

Later on the evening I might have some SPA-time, just taking care of myself, I usually have that one day at a week and I noticed that I haven't had that for a while since I was so busy with my school stuff, but now I am free and having a holiday, so I can do whatever I want and whenever I want!!

These past days I have only been at home, I haven't even gotten out yet.. I just watched a movie after a movie.. NO, I cannot go on like this, I need to pull myself together and go out soon or else I will go CRAZY?! 

Anyways, here is some inspiring pictures:

Barfing rainbows *.*
Haha, I am so sexy, right? ;)

Almost all the pictures are borrowed from weheartit.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These pictures makes me wonder..

This is ART, bur in another way, all of these photos have some kind of purpose and it makes you wonder, that's what art really is about. Like these ones a lot. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Piercings that I have had through the year(s) !

Hello everyone! 

It has been a while since I have updated, but I was bored so I am going to show you some piercings I have had through the years, so this will be fun!!

Here is some pictures : 

My first one was my neck piercing, took it out since it got infected so I do not have it anymore
My second piercing was in the belly, I still got it and I got the exact same jewellry, lol 
My septum/nose ring if you cannot see it, had it for a month then I took it out, didn't really fit my face.. This one was my third piercing.
The side of the lip, my fourth
My fifth, pierced the other side of the lip, so I had snakebites för a while
My sixth, pierced the upper lip to, had this for a couple of days then I decided to take out my snakebites piercings
Still my sixth, but here I just took out the snakebites
My seventh, this is how I have it right now, angelbites <3 

Which one DID YOU think I looked best with?? 

I will do a post of my MANY diffirent hairstyles I have had through the years but that will take a while and besides I need to find all the photos, lol.
I am going to sleep now,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summertime inspiration

Here I am, sitting still at school, doing my rest work from the year that I have forgotten while many others are having their summer break right now.. So I can just sit here and dream away, this actually motivates me more to get done with my work when I see these pictures, I am even looking forward to Rhodos, I will go there this summer with Sandra, looking really forward to it. Yey. <3

Btw, all the pictures are borrowed from weheartit. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello everyone! 

Right now I am just chillin' in the bed and not doing a thing.. I need to get up soon and fix myself since I only have one lesson today, which is english and it starts about 4 h so I got time to relax now.

Yesterday I got such a random visit from a friend that came here from Finland, we are neighbours and we just use to play together when we were kids, so it is not often at all as I see her. It was almost a year ago since I saw her and she invited me for a coffee. She also had a friend with her from Finland so we were chatting and having a nice time, she even baked cinnamon-buns (?), they were delicious. :D 

I got even the chance to train up my English, we spoke English because she doesn't understand Swedish so much and her friend doesn't understand it at all and I can't understand Finnish so we talked in English,  so in that way we could all understand each other! :)

Btw, here is some pictures I took from my bestfriend's birthday she had yesterday:

The fudge/cake, it was yummy <3
and ofc my bestfriend Kimberly, the best girl in the world <3

Well, now I have to get started and fix myself, eat something etc. before I head to the bus!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hair inspiration !

Love these colours, I want to do something with my hair but I don't know what!!
I kinda have an idea, but I still hesitate.. 
Well, get inspired, especially by these vibrant, happy colours!

birthday today!

Hello everyone! 

Fast update, but I am going to my bestfriend today since it is also her birthday. She turns 18 so I am going to give her a fine bottle of liquir ofc!!

Need to get going so I won't miss the buss, here is some pictures of todays outfit :

Also, I don't wear any makeup except for lipstick, hehe.