Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deadmau5 n' stuff!


It has been a while since I've been updating my blog but I have so much stuff going on right now since it is the end of the semester and I have other bunch of things I do so I get always tired and not in the mood for blogging but now I do! 

This weekend Deadmau5 came to Stockholm and had a show, I went there ofc since I adore him!! 
I went with Alex, Nicco, Aaron and his girlfriend, IT WAS A BLAST!
But the weather here in Sweden sucked that day, I actually got first into a really bad mood just because of the weather and since the concert was going to be outdoors I was soo not satisfied at first, but then, when I saw Deadmau5 walking out on the stage I just yelled my throat out!! <333
It was so fucking amazing, I got to even sit on Alex's shoulders so I saw everything and this was the beginning of the concert (I swear Deadmau5 noticed me!!).
Under the show I was actually happy that it was raining and shit, because I am sensitive and cant be in crowded areas for to long so it was warm in the public, but not to hot so you could actually die, lol.
Also, I was very close to the stage, so I saw most of Deadmau5 and Sofi, it was AWESOME, they even danced together, so cute! <3

One thing that was really weird though, that I didn't like was that they made a fucking ring/moshpit, which sucked and was annoying.. So they could have skipped that, but it wasn't Deadmau5 fault, it was the fucking retards in the crowd. One thing I loved was that he played for over 2 and a half hour!!
I bought a pair of mouse-ears that glose in the dark but I didnt take any pictures, I took one and I was actually recording 2 clips but they are just gone now, I am upset about it but what am I gonna do??

Here is some pictures I borrowed from Deadmau5's facebook page but I edited them, I DID NOT TAKE THIS PICTURES, JUST THE LAST 2:

Crappy cellphone camera = crappy picture! 
Me before heading out, all pumped up and ready for the rain/cold! 
I better get my beauty sleep since my bestfriend is having her birthday today, woop woop! <3

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