Saturday, June 30, 2012

new category!

Hello everyone! 

I forgot to load up the stuff that I've bought yesterday, so I will do that now. Also, I am planning for what my upcoming posts of what they will be about, yey!

Btw, the new category is called "shopping".

Today I didn't do a single thing.. I really need to do something, but tomorrow I will pay a visit to my older sister, that I haven't seen for a while since she was in Alanya so it will be nice. Hopefully it will be a good weather tomorrow so that I can use my sun oil and work on my tan, hate Sweden's weather,
This is one of the biggest reasons of why I want to move away from here..

I actually got this a couple of days ago, it is a leave in balm for the hair that I bought from the salon since they didn't have the protein thingy that I wanted, but this one is good, it is from a famous brand called "Lanza".
My spray oil from hawaiian tropic :)
whenever mine is finished I always buy this one, have tried MANY diffirent hairspray in my life and this is the best one, it smells good, it is not sticky and it really stays the whole day <3
I even bought a sketch pad, since I love to draw but I mostly like to do paintings with acryl. I live to draw some random things so this is perfect, it didn't even cost so much, so why not? :p


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