Friday, June 29, 2012

The past days in pictures

Hello everyone!

Today I went to see my doctor since I think I got some troubles with my lungs, because I have a really hard time when it comes to breath and I get dizzy and lose my feelings both in the face and my fingers. It is quite scary, I had to almost go to the hospital because of it about 2 days ago.

I got an new appointment with my doctor, both on Tuesday and Wednesday just to check that everything is alright. The thing is that he doesn't think that I got any physically wrong with me, it is mentally, that I got some sort of anxiety. He could be right though.. 

After the doctor and the check-up I went to see my father, I really do miss him, it is hard sometimes, but the time heals the wounds..
I am a bit lazy so I let the pictures speak for themselves of what has been going on these past days/week.

Btw, I updated my design on the blog, again!
My mudcake that I made all by myself, haha

Birthday party, some neighbours!
My brother <3 he looks so happy :D

My godfather, we were celebraiting him :)
yeah, sometimes things don't always go the way you expected it to, lol
Taking a cup of coffee with my bestfriend Kimberly at espresso house, it was really nice <3
Watching football with my family and with my cute cat :3
My father's grave.. <3
R.I.P.. <3

I will do 2 more posts tonight, 

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