Monday, June 18, 2012

Piercings that I have had through the year(s) !

Hello everyone! 

It has been a while since I have updated, but I was bored so I am going to show you some piercings I have had through the years, so this will be fun!!

Here is some pictures : 

My first one was my neck piercing, took it out since it got infected so I do not have it anymore
My second piercing was in the belly, I still got it and I got the exact same jewellry, lol 
My septum/nose ring if you cannot see it, had it for a month then I took it out, didn't really fit my face.. This one was my third piercing.
The side of the lip, my fourth
My fifth, pierced the other side of the lip, so I had snakebites för a while
My sixth, pierced the upper lip to, had this for a couple of days then I decided to take out my snakebites piercings
Still my sixth, but here I just took out the snakebites
My seventh, this is how I have it right now, angelbites <3 

Which one DID YOU think I looked best with?? 

I will do a post of my MANY diffirent hairstyles I have had through the years but that will take a while and besides I need to find all the photos, lol.
I am going to sleep now,

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