Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello everyone! 

Right now I am just chillin' in the bed and not doing a thing.. I need to get up soon and fix myself since I only have one lesson today, which is english and it starts about 4 h so I got time to relax now.

Yesterday I got such a random visit from a friend that came here from Finland, we are neighbours and we just use to play together when we were kids, so it is not often at all as I see her. It was almost a year ago since I saw her and she invited me for a coffee. She also had a friend with her from Finland so we were chatting and having a nice time, she even baked cinnamon-buns (?), they were delicious. :D 

I got even the chance to train up my English, we spoke English because she doesn't understand Swedish so much and her friend doesn't understand it at all and I can't understand Finnish so we talked in English,  so in that way we could all understand each other! :)

Btw, here is some pictures I took from my bestfriend's birthday she had yesterday:

The fudge/cake, it was yummy <3
and ofc my bestfriend Kimberly, the best girl in the world <3

Well, now I have to get started and fix myself, eat something etc. before I head to the bus!

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