Tuesday, July 10, 2012

help for those with dry/damaged hair!!

Hello everyone! 

As the most of us, we bleach our hair, dye it in diffirent colors, use styling products and use heat when we blow dry it or straighten it.
I have been looking for a good hair product that actually helps and moisturize my dry/damaged hair since I bleach it often but I really couldn't find one until now! 

This product really WORKS, it sticks to what it says it is meant to be and it helps the hair to repair it self a lot!
I have even spent a lot of money on expensive hair products and they suck on my hair and they definetly do not work as they say it is supposed to do.
I bought a leave-in cream that contains olive oil, you can find this product in any afrohair-care shop and the best part is, it isn't expensive at all, it costs like 9£ (90 kr) and you do not have to take to much of the product, just a little bit and it goes through the whole hair!

I would definetly recommend this product, it is great:

Here is the olive oil cream, it is pretty big and it lasts for a long time! :)
How the cream looks like.
This is the salon product that I bought and it was quite expensive. It is really good as a heat-protection but repair and moisturize isn't the best way to go with this one!
Also, I used my orange pastell nailpolish for the first time yesterday, loved the color! <3
it is much more vibrant irl :)
(yes, it is my bra on the floor, I know that)

Also, if you want a protein boost for you hair and make your own hair treatment, here is a video for that:

Hope this guide helped, love to this hair product and good luck to all of you out there with damaged hair!


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