Saturday, August 4, 2012

Im back!!

hello everyone! 

It was a long time since I updated, but I was in Rhodos (greece) for a week but I came home about a few days ago but I had the worse flu ever!!

I got sick the last 2 days in Rhodos, I was vomiting because I got fish inside me without thinking about it when I was eating, that was the worst thing I actually did. Was vomiting all night in the god damn heat and it was just affaul. But the rest of the vacation was really AWESOME, I went with Sandra and her family, so we just was chilling at the pool, went to the beach, worked on our tan and drank great drinks.

A lot of stuff has happend these last days, many good things actually, started to rebound with an old friend that I will see tomorrow and another friend of mine has lived here over a week, lol !

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

me and my mother before I left <3

me and sandra

These pictures are taken by Sandra and edited by me. 



  1. En liten länk vore ju gulligt(a)

  2. ååh, vad fin blogg! Hittar du på idag?

    Kolla gärna in min blogg! Kram!<3