Friday, August 17, 2012

just an update on everything and some rage mode on

Hello everyone!

It was a long time since I updated my blog so this is what has happened these past days. I recently turned 18, my cellphone card won't work becuase I didn't pay the bill in time and my cellphone is water damaged, it was drowning in champagne for many hours until I noticed it and it was on my birthday. I have started the school again, last year before I can apply to university, I feel soo old. I got also long red hair, dyed it in a little bit more deeper red and toned it down a bit.

Oh, and also, I must take good new pictures and I am thinking about taking out my angelbites and get a tounge piercing instead. Just a thought. I am sick right now so I stayed home from school, it feels like everytime I want something to go right it turns to another direction and fucks me deep in the ass. Nothing that I do will ever be right and for once when I thought I was happy everything just got a whole lot more fucked up than ever.

I hate people and I hate you and I hate myself. HATE HATE HATE. Yes, my rage mode is on bitch, what are u gonna do about it?? (come at me bro')

No but for real, I am just a little bit deppressed and I do not hate you at all, just a certain person right now that I am not going to mention here on my blog. bitch.


It is so on.

All the pictures are borrowed from tumblr.

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