Sunday, August 5, 2012

PRIDE pictures and BIG BROTHER participator = spontaneous?

Hello everyone! 

Yesterday I was at Pride, for those who doesn't know what it is (which is weird if you don't since it is a huge event) it is about embrace the Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender persons that is taking place here in Stockholm once every year.

This year I went to see the parade with Apple, Steven, Stenis and Natta. It was really nice weather to for once!
We walked around in Stockholm while the parade was keeping on so we decided to go a grab for a drink. We looked everywhere but we ended up by taking the subway to Skanstull instead. It is soo lame, since I am not 18 yet (which I will be in exact a week) I couldn't take a fucking cold beer, so I sat there forever alone with my cola while my friends were teasing me for that, derp.

On the way to Skanstull we saw this cutest tranny ever (I LOVE THEM<3) so we had to ask if we could take a picture with him/her(?) and he/she was soo nice and sweet <33

After we went for the drink we went to Steven's place. On the bus we saw Hanna from Swedish Big Brother from this year. We sat on the bus with her and started to chat a little, she is so cool irl. I really like her and what was the coincidence we bumped her in the bus when we saw OTHER 2 from Big Brother (this year's) on the parade??

It was Amandus and Annika, btw, did you guys know that Amandus isn't his real name, it is Viktor?? ;)

It was an awesome day and a perfect end for the night, got drunk and happy <3

my friends <3

cigarett and champagne!

The royal house

Me with my red hair! ;)

Annika and Amandus in the middle ;)

Me, tranny and Natta, oh, so cute <33

hahaha <3

Last but not least, me and Hanna on the bus, such a sweet girl <3

This whole entire day has been soo random and spontanious, but in a good way!
Now you have also seen my red hair, yey <3

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