Monday, August 20, 2012

the songs of today !

I thought this is going to be a post of it's own. These 2 songs have I been listening to the past days a lot:

The first song is by Lil wayne and Eminem,. the song is called "Drop this world" for those who haven't heard it. The thing with this song, I can really relate to the lyrics, it is like straight to the heart. I feel every word in this song, usually I don't like mainstream songs but this one is good, it is very heavy words in it and I think that everyone can relate to this. <3 

The other song is by Bring me the horizon, the song is called "Crucify me". It is screamo/growl, I haven't been listening to it so much lately but I start to do it again, it is awesome to listen to this, especially when you are angry, it is like all the frustrations get lost after a couple of songs with this band.

Well, that was it for now when it comes to music. :)

Cheers !

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