Monday, August 20, 2012

what a productive day!

hello !

Today I had a day off from school so I thought to myself I will take things up that I didn't have any time for earlier. I went to the bank (again) and fixed the last piece of the papers, since now that I am 18 and count as an adult I need to do these type of things, like upgrade my bankcard, fix stuff with the internet bank, cash in a check that I got a couple a days ago and etc.

After that, I went to Ginatricot and bought a pair of tights that is specialized for work-out. Also a pair of sports shoes that I can use on the gym since I am going to buy a gymcard tomorrow. 

I have been thinking of buying a camera for a while, so I think I will do that soon, see if I can afford it. It feels like it has been a productive day, more than usual. I feel also old, doing grown up things like going to the bank and stuff, lol.

haha, my new lifestyle from now on ? ;)

all the pictures are borrowed from google. 


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