Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello guys! 
It has been a while since I have updated but I have a lot of things going on my mind right now.. I have been stressed out and haven't been feeling well because there is a lot of things going on with my life right now that I do not want to take here in the blog.. Personal stuff..

That is why the update have not been the best but I try to keep up <3

Anyways, I have dyed my hair and even freshed it up with cutting of the damaged hair so it is pretty short right now.. hehe.. But it is really red right now, I had pink hair for a while because I dyed it with color that runs out in the shower, but this color is permanent, I even bought a special hair treatment with orange/red pigments in so that I can refresh the color all the time!

I have even been working out a lot, especially yesterday with my close friend Kimberly. I have so much pain in my thighs, haha, that is a good thing, that means I have worked hard. I am serious about having that perfect slim/fit body and I will get it, if it is very hard or not, I will get it!!
Especially when I work out with Kimberly, she is like my personal trainer, lol! <3 

I have worked on a big school project so that is also kind of why I have not been able to update because it is so much I have to do!

Btw, here is 2 gif's of my hair: 

Lol, it looks really orange when in fact it is red..


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